Are You Proud of Your Hair?

Are You Proud of Your Hair?

Today Lola Gênia brings a very important subject and wants to know the following:

Lolete, have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror, briefly glanced at your hair and felt proud of everything it’s been through?

If so, I’m so glad to know it! 💚 However, it's important to know that not each of us feels the same, because, unfortunately, many women don't like their locks at all.

It happens much because of the media influence and trends that have consolidated around straight locks, especially in the 2000s. Back then, many curly girls grew up believing that only straight hair is beautiful. This ended up becoming a society standard, right?

Nowadays thousands of beautiful brave woman made a movement that goes beyond simply turning backs on imposed beauty trends. These ladies embrace their roots and accept their curly locks. This is not just an act of resistance, but an act of struggle, Loletes. Do you know why? Lola Gênia will tell you!

According to a study by the Federal University of Pernambuco, 37% of Brazilian women are dissatisfied with their hair, they straighten it. Besides, 85% claimed that hair issues directly interfere with their self-esteem.

Every woman has her own hair story. Therefore, we want to support all women, we want them to feel accepted and celebrate their uniqueness! This has a unique value for Lola. This value that we preach daily and that we deliver in the form of our products. For example, Creoula Combing Cream and Disentangling Cream enriched with avocado oil and coconut water help to define your curls and tame them, leaving the necessary amount of volume!

Share your story with #PrideLola hashtag and let me know more about your hair history!




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