Bye bye frizz: the benefits of satin for your hair

Bye bye frizz: the benefits of satin for your hair

Our grandmothers knew haircare secrets even better than we do, Loletes! Wearing the night hair cap is one of those golden tips that always works.

Do you want to achieve a better result? Get yourself a satin cap then! The smooth fabric avoids the friction of your locks against the pillowcase, preventing split ends and messy hair in the morning

Are you interested? Just follow Lola Gênia's tips to get the desired result.

  1. The smooth and shiny side of the fabric should always be in contact with your hair.
  2. Size makes a difference. Don’t wear a cap that is too tight or too loose. You need to find the right size for the cap trick to work.
  3. Never put on the cap right after drying the locks, whether you did it with a hair dryer or naturally. Even if your locks appear to be dry, wait a while (about 30 minutes) to make sure there is no moisture left.
  4. Apart from the cap, there are also silk pillowcases made with the same material.

You know what? If you have curly hair, Lolete, try Meu Cacho Minha Vida line! It promotes the incredible shine and softness to your locks. If used with the silk cap and pillow, Meu Cacho Minha Vida can promote the nicest look of your hair ever!

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