Bye bye, hair loss! Lola comes to rescue

Bye bye, hair loss! Lola comes to rescue

Oh-oh, Lolete, we know how it feels when you see so many hairs on your hair brush or even clothes (eeek!) that it literally scares you to death. However, everything can be fixed! How? Check it out in this article, as Lola Genie has figured everything out for you!

In 90% of cases, hair falls out for internal reasons. Among these can be a genetic predisposition, including androgenic alopecia, stress, unbalanced nutrition, hormonal changes, thyroid problems, skin diseases, and improper hair care. Besides, hair loss problem often occurs during pregnancy, after pregnancy, as well as during breastfeeding.

What can you do in order to improve the situation? Of course, first of all, you should consult the trichologist. The doctor will examine your scalp, hair condition and thickness, etc. After that, they will prescribe which tests you will have to take.

To treat alopecia, you will need to use a comprehensive approach: vitamin complexes, special products, and salon procedures. Giving up bad habits, keeping a balanced diet and restoring sleep schedule also play a big role.

Try Densidade Collection by Lola as your daily haircare routine if you suffer hair loss. Baicapil (a synergistic combination of scutellaria baicalensis, soy, and wheat sprouts), Niacinamide (a member of vitamin B family), and Barbatimao (a native Brazilian tree) promote healthy hair growth, increase capillary density and reduce hair loss!




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