Can’t be tamed: how to manage straight but unruly hair?

Can’t be tamed: how to manage straight but unruly hair?

Hey, Lolete!

Have you ever faced a problem of straight but such nasty disobedient hair? 

Before we talk about what to do with such unruly locks, I suggest you take a small test and find out if you really have such hair. Just mark the points with which you agree.

Your hair:

 - can hardly be styled;

 - sticks out in all possible directions;

 - prone to static electricity;

 - tangled;

 - devoid of natural shine;

 - gray.

If three or more points are about you, it's time to listen up to Lola! 


Grow your hair long

Avoid haircuts that are too short. The length just below the shoulders is perfect for unruly straight hair.


Moisturize your hair well

The most obvious and mandatory point in your haircare is regular hydration. Straight unruly hair filled with moisture looks much neater and shinier, besides, it becomes more obedient.


Use a thermal protection 

If you dream of smooth and shiny curls, apply a styling mousse to towel-dried locks. The next important stage is a thermal protection


Use hair oils

These natural remedies work magic! Our Argan oil reconstructive line consisting of a mask, shampoo and pure oil restores hair fibers, replaces amino acids and fills damages areas of hair cuticle. Hair stronger than ever — it’s more than possible now!




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