CBA and Hair Combucha: innovative Lolistic ingredients

CBA and Hair Combucha: innovative Lolistic ingredients

Show me a person who has never suffered hair damage after a chemical or heat treatment! We've all done crazy things with our hair and then were desperately looking for the solution, but Lola Gênia thought of everything ahead and created some innovative products for you to have the salon treatment at home!

With a probiotic complex, the Danos Vorazes product line restores the health of your locks and the vitality of your hair, especially after any aggressive procedure that worsened the state of your locks.

In Danos Vorazes, we combined Hemiesqualane of natural origin with CBA and Hair Kombucha to repair already damaged hair and protect it from future damage. However, do you know anything about these ingredients? Come with me and I'll explain everything, Lolete!

CBA corresponds to the Cannabinoid Active System, a 100% Brazilian natural active ingredient. It’s extracted from the Amazonian biodiversity, ensuring that it’s entirely healthy and doesn’t contain chemical components that can harm you. CBA has an anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect, maintaining your overall well-being while promoting deep haircare.

Hair Kombucha is derived from the fermentation of black tea and brings all the benefits of this gift of nature. Thus, it promotes intensive care of the hair fiber, filling the porosity and bringing back shine, softness and health to the hair!




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