Defined locks isn’t a dream but reality now!

Defined locks isn’t a dream but reality now!

Hey Lolete, tell me honestly: have your curls ever made you angry because of their frizz and lack of defined shape? It’s no surprise as many women still don’t know how to make their curls look nice and neat. Lola Genie decided to put an end to this everlasting problem, so check out this article for a solution!

Lola Cosmetics is glad to introduce Creoula Collection specially created for those who dream about defined curls just like those JLo and Beyoncé once had! Creoula! This nutritive line with avocado oil and coconut water is perfect for curly and frizzy hair. The moisturizing effect of the products from this line makes the hair soft and facilitates hair combing while shaping the curls.

Ingredients are the key secret: coconut oil perfectly moisturizes the hair, saturates it and scalp with vitamins and minerals, and gives your locks volume without weighting. Avocado oil intensively nourishes, gives shine and disciplines the hair.

Wanna know a bonus secret? Heat and sun protection are also provided by all Creoula products which means than you won’t need to use any additional products! 




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