Emergency tips for severely damaged hair

Emergency tips for severely damaged hair

Oh-oh, Lolete, say no more! It doesn’t matter whether you used a very aggressive hair dye, tried an extreme heat treatment, or anything else like that: the result is your severely damaged hair… Well, cheer up, as Lola Genie has prepared some 911 haircare tips for you in this article!

 - give up a hair dryer and stylers, let your hair dry on its own;

 - don’t use a hard massage hair comb as it can pull out your weak hair and even break it;

 - try hair oils, such as olive or argan;

 - cut down split hair ends to prevent further splitting

- use nourishing hair masks at least twice a week, choose those with natural ingredients

- choose special haircare line as a comprehensive restorative approach. For example, try shampoo and nourishing hair mask from our Dream Cream line! Enriched with aloe vera extract, it was specially created to hydrate damaged locks, make them more lively and stronger. If you have weakened hair, Dream Cream by Lola Cosmetics is exactly what you need for daily use of your hair restoration journey!




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