Frizzy yet straight: how to tame sleek locks

Frizzy yet straight: how to tame sleek locks

Each of us knows that frizz is usually associated with curly locks, however, it’s not always so. Sleek hair can become frizzy as well, for example when the level of humidity is very high. What can you do in order to get rid of such a problem if you have straight locks? Check out this article and find out all the answers, Lolete!

The hair becomes fluffy because of the uneven distribution of moisture along the length. Frizz it typical for porous, curly, and unruly hair that lacks hydration and its own nutrition. However, everything can be fixed:

 - Don’t go to bed with wet hair. This provokes the appearance of nasty creases and even damages hair, making it brittle

 - Use thermal protection if you literally can’t live without a hair dryer or a styler. These products really work and preserve the hair health

 - Use a wooden comb. Plastic and metal combs can make your locks even fluffier than usual due to static electricity

 - Use hair spray, it will help to remove the fluffiness, however, this is just a temporary method for emergency cases

 - Try Liso, Leve and Solto line from Lola Cosmetics! This anti frizz collection enriched with the mixture of cinnamon and olive oils was created for straight hair for continuous use. In other words, the longer you use it, the better and more long-lasting result you get.




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