Green life: advantages of vegan hair products

Green life: advantages of vegan hair products

Hey Lolete! Have you ever thought about vegan products and their benefits? Some of them are pretty obvious, some of them are not, yet vegan haircare products are super popular nowadays - even those who can’t live without meat adore vegan cosmetics! Want to know why? Check out this article and find it out!

Vegan haircare products are very often purchased even by people who don’t lead vegan way of life. Why? Because these are very safe products and usually have excellent effect. Besides, such products contain perfectly selected ingredients of plant origin without any preservatives! 

Cosmetics manufacturers are striving to develop this type of product lines, because the market is showing increasing interest in what is healthy and environmentally friendly. Vegan cosmetics is not only free from any animal ingredients and their derivatives, but are often based on what is best for our hair – natural herbal extracts, oils, and minerals.

The same refers to our Lola Argan oil product line! It’s one of the most expensive oils and is rightly called “liquid gold”: those who use it know that every drop is worth the money spent. Argan oil (also called Moroccan oil) contains a lot of vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants that can do amazing things for dry, rough, and unruly hair. 




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