Hair brittleness? Not a problem with Lola!

Hair brittleness? Not a problem with Lola!

Hair brittleness is a problem that can affect hair of any type, length and texture. It can be caused by both internal and external factors such as improper haircare, mechanical and heat action, poor diet, stress, etc.

How can you fight hair brittleness? Well, Lolete, it’s not that hard! Check out my tips:

 - Choose a shampoo with a soft formula that will not dry out your locks. Pay attention to products with sulfate-free formulas and natural compositions. Morte Subita shampoo and conditioner from Lola Cosmetics are what damaged and brittle hair needs the most! Coconut oil and aloe vera provide repairing action, reviving your locks at fullest!

 - If the hair is prone to tangling and because of this it often breaks while combing, special products for smoothness and softness (such as nutritive masks and serums) will help.

 - If it’s impossible to completely give up hot styling devices and frequent blow-drying, it’s important to use thermal protection to preserve the hair health.




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