Hair elasticity: what is it and how to get it back?

Hair elasticity: what is it and how to get it back?

It’s not a secret that hair that goes through many chemical procedures is pretty weak. You already know that, right? We bet the following situation is pretty familiar to you, Lolete: you pull your wet hair but it doesn’t stretch and can even break. Besides, it looks thin, dull and dry. In this case, you may have inelastic hair.  #LolaGeniaHelp


How does it happen?

The various types of chemical or heat treatments can damage the locks’ structure, leading to hair weakening. As a result, your locks become brittle, the hair ends start to split.


How can you improve the situation?

Lolete, the hair recovery stage is super important and you will need some special products. Inelastic hair needs those that help to rebuild the hair structure, that is, you should choose reconstructive products such as nutritive masks from Danos Vorazes and Máscara Em Barra lines!

Apart from reconstruction, you should pay attention to the recovery of the hair pH. Try an acidifier, which will change the pH of the hair, leaving your locks more acidic and consequently more sealed, preventing the loss of volume.

How about Densidade acidifier? With pH 3.0/4.0, it provides theintensive repair and protection against severe hair damage. Besides, this product improves hair strength, smoothes cuticles and helps to prevent hair breakage.

Love, Lola
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