Hair porosity: how can an acidifier help?

Hair porosity: how can an acidifier help?

Have you ever heard someone say that their (or your) hair is porous and wondered what that actually means? Calm down, Lolete, we will be here for you, holding your hand and helping to find everything out in this article!

After all, understanding what hair porosity means goes far beyond a simple test during which you should put a strand into the glass of water (no, such Internet tests don’t work!). In order to solve the hair porosity issue, it’s important to have a powerful helper: the acidifier.

However, let’s start from the beginning. What is hair porosity?

Your hair consists of three layers: the cuticle, which protects the strands; the cortex, which has the coloring pigment; and the medulla, which is the central part of your hair and the softest one.

For you locks to be healthy and hydrated, it’s very important that the oils and water are able to pass through the cuticle and reach the cortex. When cuticles are too close together (low porosity), useful substances won’t penetrate the hair. On the other hand, when cuticles are widely spaced, your hair can’t stay hydrated for long, as useful substances are washed off (high porosity).

In this case, an acidifier is your 911, Lolete!  #help

In general, acidification consists of making the strands more acidic to balance the hair's pH and leaving the cuticle more closed to retain the moisture and useful substances inside your locks.

Our acidifier from the Densidade line was specifically developed to treat hair with high porosity. A special formula helps to balance the hair's pH, providing an intensive repairing action. With Baicapil ™, Barbatimão and Niacinamide, Densidade Acidifier aligns and softens the cuticles, as well as prevents hair breakage! 🇧🇷



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