Home office: the best hairdo ideas

Home office: the best hairdo ideas

It doesn't matter if you're no longer wearing high heels and suit in your office, switching them to more comfy clothes at your home office! Home office and even the hybrid system of work were able to change the way how women work, allowing them to feel more relaxed yet showing the same amazing results!

However, that doesn't mean that you don't feel like putting on lipstick, wearing your favorite earrings and doing your hair for online meetings, right? For that reason, if you’re looking for easy options to do your hair during video conferences, here Lola comes!

  1. Low bun. Classic and elegant, the low bun brings femininity and sophistication. Still, that doesn't mean you need to turn this hairstyle into something old-fashioned! Thus, you can ditch the centered position and make the bun on one side, for example!
  1. Boxer braids. Available in many different options, braids will never go out of style! Lola Gênia's tip today is boxer braids. Both chic and sporty, these braids are suitable for any case, looking edgy and trendy but not frivolous!
  1. High ponytail. No, we're not talking about the traditional option. This ponytail, in addition to being very high, also has the super trendy wet effect, which can be achieved with a hair gel.

In order for your locks to look amazing in any of these hairstyles, try Liso, Leve and Solto anti-frizz line! The products have a cumulative effect which means that the longer you use them, the better the result will be! Isn’t frizz-free hair a basis of ANY hairstyle?




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