How can fruit extracts transform your hair?

How can fruit extracts transform your hair?

Who doesn’t love fruits? Lola Genie just LOVES them, as they’re not just super yummy and juicy but very beneficial for our hair! Which magical haircare actions can fruits provide? Well, let’s find it out in this article on the example of Be(m) Dita Ghee collection by Lola Cosmetics!

Be(m) Dita Ghee includes Shampoo and Butter enriched with the following fruit extracts

• Banana. Potassium, which is contained in large quantities in bananas, makes them a great product to fight hair dryness. Vitamin E and the nutritious consistency of the banana perfectly nourish the locks.

• Pineapple. Pineapples contain vitamin C and antioxidants.They fight off free radicals, strengthen hair roots and improve hair elasticity and thickness.

• Papaya. Papaya is an amazing product for gentle cleansing and strengthening of the scalp. Vitamin B5 contained in papaya restores the moisture balance of dry, porous and damaged hair as well.

Did I manage to convince you that fruits can fully transform your hair? Just give our Be(m) Dita Ghee collection a try and see it yourself!




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