Is your scalp healthy, Lolete?

Is your scalp healthy, Lolete?

We often worry about the beauty of our hair and don’t care much about the scalp which is responsible for healthy hair growth. Lola Gênia knows how important scalp care is, thus, I prepared a step by step scalp care routine specially for you!


It includes the following:

 - don’t use the hot water. You already know that the high temperature is not good for the hair, right? It can be just as harmful to the scalp. Thus, wash your hair only with warm water.

 - be careful with your nails. A precious tip that really makes a difference is rubbing the scalp not with your nails, but with your fingertips. Otherwise you can injure the soft skin, and that's not what we want, right, Lolete?

 - use the hair dryer right. You don't have to stop using it, but don't hold the dryer way too close to your scalp. The secret is to keep a distance of about 20 centimeters, ok?

Besides, I have an amazing product just for your scalp! It is the Solid Shampoo from the Morte Súbita line! It’s a nice exfoliating shampoo that not just gently washes your hair but provides the best detox to cleanse and rebalance the sensitive scalp!

Want another little secret, Lolete? Use this product as a step in your post-dyeing routine, as it helps to prolong hair color vividness, preventing the bright shade from washing out!




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