Liquid gold: why does argan oil work so magically on your hair?

Liquid gold: why does argan oil work so magically on your hair?

Hey Lolete, do you want your hair to be shiny and literally look like silk? Then it’s hardly possible to do without precious oils. Today, we’ll tell you about the real heritage of Morocco which is argan oil. Let’s find out all the benefits of this magical product in this article! 

Argan oil is obtained from the seeds of the tree of the same name — argan. The main properties of argan oil for hair are moisturizing and protection from external influences. However, almost any other vegetable oil has the same benefits. You know what? Argan oil is capable of MUCH more…

Here is a complete list of all magical properties of argan oil for your hair:

 - has a pronounced antiage effect;

 - it is a perfect restoration product after aggressive procedures;

 - prevents hair from tangling;

 - eliminates fluffiness;

 - helps to cope with dandruff;

 - eliminates scalp dryness;

 - stimulates the growth of new hair.

We don’t know a person who has never heard of argan oil and those miracles it can do to hair! That’s why our Lola ARGAN OIL reconstructive line restores hair fibers, replaces amino acids and fills damages areas of hair cuticle. Hair stronger than ever — it’s more than possible now!



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