Lola loves the environment

Lola loves the environment

Hey, Lolete, shall we talk about a serious problem today? We believe that you are worried about the environment and try to live as eco-friendly as possible. That's why we can’t be indifferent to the problems of our planet. Apart from having the cruelty free concept among our values, we also decided to adopt another strategy to protect the planet and its inhabitants.

This time, we are investing in P-life bottles for our products. Thus, all Lola Cosmetics items you acquire will be able to naturally degrade without causing harm to the ecosystem as a whole. Besides, the whole process has become faster!

Would you like to discover the mysteries of this technology? Then check out this article, Lolete! 

P-life is a renewable, organic and sustainable source material that has been developed with advanced technology. Used in Go Green resin, it’s characterized as a biodegrader based on the fatty acid that comes from the oil of palm coconut. That is, it’s 100% natural! For this reason, this substance ends up being the most recommended in the creation of biodegradable plastic, as is the case with our bottles.

If you’re a vegan or just a person who loves everything natural, we recommend you try the Lola Em Barra line! These vegan, sustainable and naturally sourced bar mask, shampoo, and conditioner will charm you with the amazing smell, nourishing your locks thanks to the power of fresh fruits! 

Taking care of the world we live in is a real goal of our company. For this reason, we want you to make a difference and, little by little, contribute for a better future!




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