Lola protects the environment: World Water Day

Lola protects the environment: World Water Day

Celebrated annually on March 22, World Water Day is not only an important date for several countries. Established 29 years ago, this day aims to draw attention to the importance of preserving water resources. Besides, it increases awareness about the billions of people living without access to drinking water.

Of course, Lola Gênia is here to tell you all the details, as always!


Water scarcity occurs because there are few resources to meet the demand of the entire planet and its countless inhabitants. For that reason, this situation has already been considered one of the greatest global risks for the next decades.

To give you an idea, World Wild Life has already pointed out that only 3% of the water in the world is available, because part of it is hidden in frozen glaciers or unavailable for our use.

With that in mind, Lola Cosmetics strives to carry out what we call sustainable entrepreneurship. We are in constant search of conscious ways of manufacturing. How do we do that?

Our products and packaging are of natural origin and biodegradable, which eliminates footprint. Besides, we don’t use aggressive ingredients and we always choose raw materials that have a certified origin and high quality.

If you’re concerned about the water scarcity, you can try our Em Barra bar shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. They don’t contain water and literally start working from several drops of it! Besides, Em Barra line is biodegradable, compostable, and free of aggressive chemicals. We’re so proud of it!

Believing in healthy and conscious beauty is our real commitment! Together we can make a change, and we're here hoping you want to join this mission with Lola!




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