Inspiration: haircuts that will be trending in 2022-2023

Inspiration: haircuts that will be trending in 2022-2023

Lolete who loves changes knows how important it is to keep up with the haircuts that are trending. After all, neat hair needs a good haircut in order to show its beauty, volume, and shine at the fullest!

That’s why Lola Gênia has chosen 3 perfect haircut options for you to get inspired, show to your hairstylist, and refresh your look! 🇧🇷


  1. Wavy Cut with Fringe

This wavy cut with fringe in the Brigitte Bardot style allows the locks to softly frame your face, accentuating sophisticated facial features. This haircut makes your cheekbones more prominent and visually makes your face slimmer.


  1. Shaggy & Messy

The “Messy hair, don’t care” phrase has never made so much sense! We live in a time when everything a modern woman wants is to go out with her hair being shaggy yet super trendy! That's why such a haircut provides that feeling of independence and still brings a cheeky touch to the whole look.


  1. Long Straight Bob

This type of long bob is perfect for women who are tired of long hair but still not ready to try a garçon-like haircut. Elegant and prolonged, this cut has been trendy for some time now. Why not try it, Lolete?

Don’t forget about the right haircare! Our Dream Cream shampoo and hair mask are enriched with the power of aloe vera, providing the most comprehensive care even if your locks are super damaged. Because only healthy hair can be a basis to any cut!



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