Modern Rapunzel: is it possible to accelerate hair growth?

Modern Rapunzel: is it possible to accelerate hair growth?

Thick and shiny hair is a sign of woman’s youth and health. That's why we get a little bit upset when our hair isn’t dense enough. Is it possible to accelerate hair growth? What if this parameter is literally genetically programmed, and we can’t  influence it? The answers to these questions are in today's article from Lola Genie!

Normally, hair grows by 1.5 cm per month. Good news: it’s quite possible to stimulate hair growth: for this you need to extend the phase of hair growth (anagen). This is achieved by improving scalp nutrition and delivering substances to the hair roots. Of course, special products can help in this! Their main effect is the expansion of blood vessels in the hair follicles and increased scalp nutrition.

Rapunzel Collection from Lola Cosmetics was created especially for accelerated hair growth! Ginkgo Biloba extract enhances scalp vessels microcirculation, improves hair growth, activates oxygen flow, and protects brittle and thin hair. Melaleuca oil stimulates hair growth, refreshes the scalp, and has antiseptic properties. Together these ingredients will make your hair more voluminous, thick, and balance the scalp function!




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