Salon-like treatment at home: nothing is impossible!

Salon-like treatment at home: nothing is impossible!

Hey Lolete! Have you always dreamed of having an opportunity to afford expensive salon hair treatments every week or two? Well, did you know that Lola Genie is literally a genie that makes your wishes come true? Let me introduce you our Danos Vorazes product line that provides salon-like effect after the first use!

Danos Vorazes collection is designed for hair restoration. This collection is suitable for daily use, what’s more, it doesn’t make the hair heavier. If you have damaged oily hair, then this product line is perfect for you, since it doesn’t provoke hair weightiness.

The key properties of Danos Vorazes collection are as follows:

 - Gentle hair cleansing  

 - Antioxidant hair protection  

 - Hair recovery  

 - Hair strengthening 

 - Anti-frizz effect

 - Hair shine promotion

 - Hair combing facilitation


Among the main components of Danos Vorazes are

 - Plant complex with regenerating and anti-inflammatory complex 

 - Kombucha 


I recommend you using all products of Danos Vorazes collection for the best result!

 - Danos Vorazes Shampoo Fortificante (Regenerating shampoo)

 - Danos Vorazes Booster De Reparacao Imediata (Booster conditioner)

 - Danos Vorazes Mascaras (Regenerating hair mask)

 - Danos Vorazes Leave-In

 - Danos Vorazes Olie (Repairing hair oil)


Give Danos Vorazes a try - you won’t be disappointed!




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