Tips for reusing hair products’ packaging

Tips for reusing hair products’ packaging

Lolete, don’t throw away your packaging from our products! At Lola, we believe that we should be responsible for the environment, thus, we encourage the reduction of waste through creative and eco-conscious ideas. Let's give a new life to your cosmetics jars, bottles, and containers!

As usual, Lola Gênia has some great tips! With a practical look to the packaging, you'll realize that reusing is not just very easy but super cool as well!

Here are the ideas:

  1. Pencil holder – Organize your home office or table. Here it’s worth choosing rigid jars that can withstand the weight of pencils, pens, and scissors. For smaller items such as clips and staples, it’s worth choosing packaging with a smaller diameter and height.
  1. Spice holders. The jars from our hair masks can later be transformed into beautiful spice holders for your kitchen. Dehydrated herbs, salt, and various types of pepper… How about creating labels for each of them and organizing them in a tray?
  1. Mini vegetable garden in the window. Speaking of seasonings, there's nothing like always having fresh herbs for your dishes. Use Lola jars to plant chives, parsley, rosemary, cilantro and whatever else you use in your recipes!

Be(M)Dita Ghee line enriched with the power of Banana, Pineapple, and Bacuri tree was created for those who love healthy hair, nature, and support reusing as well! The variety of bottles and jars of this line will allow you to show your imagination in terms of reusing!




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