Lola Cosmetics products aren’t tested on animals

Lola Cosmetics products aren’t tested on animals

Hey, Lolete! 

Animal testing is quite a hard topic, however, we should speak about in order to raise awareness and protect animals that should only be treated with love and respect. 

Before the product appears on the beauty store shelf, it must pass at least several stages of animal testing:

 - all components included in the composition are tested,

 - the finished product is tested,

 - separate tests are conducted when entering the country to obtain a sales permit.

According to official data, about 150 million animals per year die as a result of such inhumane experiments. These are mainly mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs and monkeys. For each test, a certain type of animal is usually needed.

We just want you to know that Lola Cosmetics isn’t tested on animals! We support vegan way of life and nature protection in all possible ways while creating cruelty-free products! 

For example, try our Liso Leve and Solto product line! It’s aimed at providing the most amazing anti-frizz locks. 

Liso, Leve and Solto line includes Antifrizz Shampoo 250 ml, Antifrizz Hair Mask 230 g, Antifrizz Spray 200 ml. They have a cumulative effect which means that the long you use them, the better the result will be! Isn’t frizz-free hair a basis of ANY hairstyle? 



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