Lola products are safe for your hair!

Lola products are safe for your hair!

Hey, Lolete! Have you ever checked on the ingredients of your fave haicare products? Just in case: some of them can be really dangerous and allergenic. However, you won’t find sich ingredients in any of Lola products. Why? Check out this article and find it out! 


Natural ingredients are our highest priority. Such ingredients aren’t allergenic, besides, they don’t contain potentially dangerous aggressive preservatives. That’s why we only work with raw materials which have certified quality and origin.

Besides, we are proud to say that Lola was the first Brazilian beauty brand to choose vegan path! Of course, our final goal is to become a 100% natural brand, however, we don’t test on animals or use ingredients of animal origin in our current production. 

You can try any of our products and see the amazing result yourself! For example, choose our super multifunctional Meu Cacho Minha Vida conditioner if you have curly locks! Combing Cream, Humidifier, Activator and Memorizer of Curls with smooth finish - only one product will make your locks just amazing! Patauá Oil and Vegetable Extracts - the best ingredients make this product SOOOO good!




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