Veganism: A Fad or a Way of Life?

Veganism: A Fad or a Way of Life?

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Have you ever thought of becoming a vegan or maybe you have vegan friends or family members? How do you feel about such a way of life? You know, some people believe that nowadays veganism isn’t a conscious choice but just a trend that will come and go. Is it really so? Let’s find everything out together in this article!

Veganism implies the rejection of all forms of animal exploitation. The vegan diet excludes not only meat, but also any other animal products, including ingredients such as gelatin, honey, carmine, pepsin, shellac, albumin, whey, casein and some forms of vitamin D3. 

According to veganism, animals shouldn’t be used by people under any circumstances, be it food production, textiles, science or entertainment. Therefore, restrictions may also apply to the choice of clothing, household chemicals and, of course, cosmetics.

Cosmetics that are suitable for vegans shouldn’t contain any animal products, including by-products. The composition of these products should be free ingredients such as honey, beeswax, gelatin, milk protein, lanolin, squalene, carmine, amber and placenta. 

Lola Cosmetics believes that veganism IS NOT just a trend but a new, more sustainable and cruelty-free reality! 

We deeply respect vegans, that’s why we stick to cruelty-free ethical methods of manufacturing. You can check out our Danos Vorazes product line and make sure that we do our best to become a 100% sustainable brand! Vegan, inexpensive, and naturally sourced with fresh fruits - enjoy Danos Vorazes at its fullest!

Danos Vorazes product line was created for deep hair restoration. It’s absolutely safe and is suitable for everyday use. Among the active ingredients there are:

 - herbal complex with anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect

 - kombucha




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