Respect is what makes us different: we value and appreciate Mother Nature, sustainability, and the needs of our clients, of course! Exclusive formulas that literally work magic and are safe for the environment — we definitely know how to create them! 


Hi, we’re Lola, it’s so nice to meet you!  

Lola Cosmetics has a proud Brazilian heart — our brand originated in Rio de Janeiro in 2011. The core of Lola is empathy, positivity, innovative formulas and respect for the environment. We are super
active and literally can’t think of ourselves as of a regular brand! That’s why we entered the retail market with an ultimate goal to provide the final consumer with high-quality yet affordable haircare products.

Our mission

Our mission is to create conscious and eco-friendly beauty products with a responsible approach, lots of love, and genuine Brazilian joy. We respect all forms of life and care
about Mother Nature. Vegan, cruelty-free, recycling — these are our key
principles of work.

Our vision

Our vision comes from:

 - creating high-quality vegan products with respect to nature;

 - appreciating different kinds of beauty: bold, pioneering, and inclusive — we perceive each person’s uniqueness as an
opportunity to create more products that will suit your personal needs;

 - boosting beauty innovations considering  social and environmental responsibility.

  • Support and Freedom #YOLO

    It’s up to you to decide what your life will be, so choose to be happy and follow this plan every day!

  • Respect and Empathy #ThatIsEverything

    We accept everyone, we
    appreciate your uniqueness, we vote for inclusion and respect!

  • Innovation and Courage #Dare

    We improve ourselves every day, being powerful, innovative, and just a little bit crazy to keep up with our wildest ideas to outdo ourselves!

  • Clear Conscience #CleanConscience

    Even if we haven't cleaned your conscience yet, we want you to know that we are responsible for our choices and their consequences.

  • Do it yourself! #DIY

    We work out each aspect of our brand ourselves: work hard, improve every day, achieve the highest results and just SLAY!

  • Recognition #BestTeamEver!

    Growth and success don’t come to those who just wait for them! You should be persistent and have that twinkle in your eyes to work at Lola!

Concept stores

We’re young, we’re active, we've been listening to what you want and bringing it to life since mid-2017, when we opened our first Concept Store located in Barra Shopping (RJ), Rio de Janeiro. We entered the market to show what a truly authentic brand is, that’s why shortly after we opened stores in Shopping Rio Sul (RJ) and Morumbi Shopping (SP)!