Sustainable Beauty

We’ve always wanted to make our customers satisfied and preserve natural resources at the same time. In order to make our production more sustainable, since 2018 we have decided to reformulate our treatments for them not just to be effective but safe for the environment.

That’s why we have developed our environmental sustainability concept in 5 different directions: 

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Natural formulas

Such ingredients aren’t allergenic, besides, they don’t contain potentially dangerous aggressive preservatives. That’s why
we only work with raw materials which have certified quality and origin.

Vegan compositions

We truly believe that no creature should ever suffer or die for manufacturing purposes. We are proud to say that Lola was the first Brazilian beauty brand to choose a vegan path! Earth is our home, and we can’t just relocate to another planet if something goes wrong.

Sustainable packaging

the most of our packaging is BIODEGRADABLE which means that thanks to an ECO-FRIENDLY resin
(P-Life), our jars and bottles naturally degrade in up to 4 years.

However P-Life additive can literally help to grow new plants! It helps with the germination, as this resin is made from palm coconut oil. It allows P-Life to transform NAFTA derivatives into biodegradable products.


Esperança Animal Project, PEA, is Brazilian. It inspects the national companies and fights against all forms of animal exploitation. We believe that with the help of cruelty-free brands, we can make a change and encourage many companies to switch to alternative ways of testing.


Waste issue is what we considered carefully in our sustainability plan. Of course, we want to provide our customers with the best products, however, we’re also responsible for the post-consumer packaging to be properly recycled without any harm to nature. That’s why we ensured the indirect reverse logistics of used bottles and jars through a partnership with the “I-recicle” seal.